11 signs that you are becoming an expat in Malaysia

1. You are becoming addicted to shopping malls Whether it’s to escape the humidity or for the food and entertainment you are sure to find whatever floats your boat here. If there is one thing Malaysians love to do it’s shopping, and they are pretty savvy at it too. It’s almost like there is a sale […]

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Top 10 safety tips for your next adventure

When it comes to travelling, sometimes things aren’t all plain sailing. You are out of your comfort zone and there are many things that can go wrong so easily. Here are some quick tips to ensure your next trip goes as smoothly as possible. 1. Visas It’s boring, we all know but there is nothing worse than […]

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How to setup emails at your blog or website without paying for Gmail for business


There was a time when it was easy to get  [email protected] using Google mail. However now for all new domains Google charges $50 per year for this service. When you run multiple websites and blogs this can get costly rather quickly. Some registrars provide a free email account with your domain name. When this is the […]

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